UNC Charlotte Experts Plan Community Oz Event, With North Carolina Humanities Support

April 12, 2023

Lecturer Dina Massachi and Professor Mark West

Image: Lynn Roberson

UNC Charlotte's first feature covering CharlOz has arrived! Written by Lynn Roberson, this article contains information about the CharlOz festival. Dr. Mark West, Professor of English and a children's literature expert, and Dina Massachi, a lecturer in the Department of English and the American Studies Program and a nationally noted Oz expert, are currently planning CharlOz. North Carolina Humanities has provided a $20,000 grant in support of the CharlOz event. 

49er Visualization lab hosts discussion on the wiz

April 27, 2023

Group photo of students

Image: Dina Massachi

Written by James Kmosko, this article covers the disscusion about the award-winning Broadway musical "The Wiz," with a focus on the set design and the artwork of Tom John, the scenic designer for the original 1974 Broadway musical production of "The Wiz." The event was hosted by UNC Charlotte Professor Janaka Lewis and Lecturer Dina Massachi, and held at the 49er Visualization Lab. The art featured in the discussion will be displayed virtually and in other various forms in the CharlOz event. This article is a treat for every Oz fan!