Call for Presentations


At this three-day festival, writers, scholars, collectors, and fans will explore The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Written in 1900, Baum's fairy tale incorporated timeless life lessons, and his stories were ahead of their time. 

As Oz magic continues far beyond Baum's lifetime, we benefit from fresh Oz interpretations in visual, performing, and literary art. Works like The Wiz, Wicked, Dorothy Must Die, and Amy Chu and Janet K. Lee's Sea Sirens reflect changes in American culture, while incorporating the non-traditional gender roles and diverse characters that Baum ingrained in Oz. 

Oz appeals to all ages, inspires adaptations from creators and designers, allows scholars to explore a multitude of textual interpretations, calls to cosplayers to live a dream, and fills collectors' spaces with books and merchandise. CharlOz is a chance to respond to how Oz inspires you

Guidelines to Submit Presentation Proposals 

Proposal Schedule 

Applicants may submit proposals here or email us at between February 10, 2023, and November 17, 2023. 


Presenters are encouraged to give particular consideration to the following focus areas: 

  • History and Culture: Oz's reflection of American history and/or culture
  • Social and Economic: Aspects of Oz relating to race, class, disability, or childhood
  • Visual and Performing Arts: Analysis of the visual or performing arts as they relate to Oz
  • Literary Arts: Authors and/or illustrators who have adapted Oz, and how those adaptations fit into the larger framework Oz provides
  • Gender Studies: Oz themes that examine gender roles/norms/traditions and sexualities, including LGBTQIA+ Oz portrayals of education, love, herosim, self-reliance, and teamwork
  • Technology: Application of non-traditional technologies that include podcasts, games, making, or other examinations of how varied technology transforms Oz themes
  • Mass-Marketing: Presentations of how a creator's mass-marketed Oz work fits within the larger Oz world

What and How to Submit

Individual Presentations

Upload a description (approx. 250 words) including: 

  • All versions of Oz or Oz creators you will address
  • The angle, lens, or thesis through which you examine your texts/people/characters
  • Additional information that helps the committee understand your project
  • Proposed length of presentation (example: 30 minutes)

Group Presentations, Workshops, Roundtables, or Panels

Upload a single document including: 

  • A title
  • 250-word description of the proposed topic
  • A brief explanation of each participant's contribution to the discussion
  • A description of all versions of Oz/Oz creators/etc. you wish to address
  • Additional information that helps the committee understand your presentation
  • Proposed length of your presentation (example: 30 minutes)

Interactive or Technological Presentations 

Include a brief explanation (up to 250 words) of the technology and materials you plan to use and how you would incorporate them into a session (see Venues page for technologies available). 


Upload a short (approx. 80 words) "About the Presenter" statement that may be used on the festival website and/or our website or program. Please note that CharlOz may edit this information for length, clarity, or formatting as needed.

Selection Notification

The festival committee will carefully review all submissions and communicate results by January 29, 2024

Volunteer Opportunities 

After the festival committee selects presenters, they can anticipate program needs. The festival will announce volunteer opportunities and related details in spring 2024.